Doors To AvoidIf you are on the hunt for personal loans for bad credit, you may feel like you are fighting a losing battle. Unfortunately it’s not just people who have had bankruptcy declared in their name or made Court appearances, who are stamped with having bad credit. Even missing the odd repayment or bill can have your credit status looking rather dismal.

One of the secrets to securing personal loans for bad credit is knowing which type of loans are reasonable possibilities for you, and which are not even hopefuls! Here comes a quick guide:

Knowing Which Door To Knock At

Doors To Avoid

Getting rejected for loan applications only makes your credit history appear in an even worse state, not your goal we’re presuming! So if you see advertisements for best buy loans, or personal loans boasting very attractive and competitive rates and terms, you’re best steering well clear.

These types of loans are generally reserved for people who have a good and clean credit history. If it does happen to be a lender who interests you, then before applying talk to someone about your situation, it may save you a lot of time, effort and a rejection on your history.

Doors To Consider

Some companies offer bad credit loans and even though the rates will be higher and limits will likely be lower, they are still well worth considering.

Remember the lender wants to know how much of a risk you are. If you can prove by your current situation, such as your job position, salary, and assets, that you have a stable situation, your bad credit may not play such a big role in deciding the terms and rates of the loan.

Don’t Rule Out High Interest Rate Personal Loans – They Actually Have Their Uses

Most of us only view high interest personal loans in a bad light. The truth is however, that taking on such a loan allows you to repair your credit profile. So long as you persistently show that you are meeting your repayments on time and in full, you can start to prove your worth again as a good borrower.

Often the hardest thing about securing a personal loan when you have bad credit is knowing which doors to knock at. By avoiding the loans which offer very competitive rates and terms, and opting for a loan which your circumstances can satisfactorily meet, you may find that securing a loan isn’t as difficult as you initially thought.